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Innovation Grant Program

Have you been thinking about an innovative idea for your practice? Has your practice considered purchasing new equipment and would like to test it out? The CPP Innovation Grant Program provides an opportunity for member practices to apply for a grant to help fund new innovations for your practice!

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Innovative ideas can include:


Apply Now
  1. Apply - Complete the application and describe the innovation and what you hope to accomplish by adopting this innovative idea in your practice.
  2. Application Review
    1. The Innovation Grant Committee will review applications on an ongoing basis and will consider the following criteria:
      1. Can the innovation be tested?
      2. Will the innovation improve quality or business functionality within the practice?
      3. Can we measure the impact of the improvement?
      4. Potential for broader group purchase?
      5. Overall cost/benefit to an average practice
    2. Testing Phase - The duration of the testing phase will vary, but most will last approximately 90 days
  3. Benefits to Grant Awardees
    1. Practice will receive grant money to purchase or implement innovation
    2. Practices may keep the innovations for use in their practice beyond the testing phase
  4. CPP Expectations of Grant Awardees
    1. Assessment - Each practice that is awarded a grant will be expected to complete an assessment that details their experience, data (if applicable), and outcomes
    2. Share - Each practice will be asked to share the process and outcome with our CPP Members via a written summary and possibly at CPP Office Manager or Board Meeting

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