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(IMPEDS) Physicians

List of Internal Medicine/Pediatric (IMPEDS) Physicians in Central Ohio

AAP Books Build Connections Toolkit

Evidence Supporting Early Literacy and Early Learning
Explore the evidence base that supports promoting early literacy. This includes the AAP policy statement on early literacy as well as the AAP School Readiness technical report.

What Every Practice Can Do To Promote Early Literacy and Early Learning
Having a conversation about reading can flow naturally in your visits with families. Review these 17 tips to help you begin conversations that will encourage parents to spend time reading with their children.

Selecting Books For Your Program
Selecting books that are developmentally, culturally, and thematically appropriate, as well as affordable, can be a challenge. Here are some things to consider when selecting books for your program

Finding The Right Book For Every Child
Here are examples of a range of children’s books sorted by age or developmental level and topic, including medical conditions affecting children.

Helping Your Child Learn To Read
Here are some tips for helping children learn to read. The most important thingsto remember are to be patient, to have fun, to praise early and often, and not to push them.

Sharing Books With Your Baby Up to Age 11 Months
What’s the best way to share books with your baby up to age 11 months? Here are some tips that cover 4 stages in your baby’s life: birth to 3 months, 4 to 5 months, 6 to 8 months, and 9 to 11 months.

Sharing Books With Your 1-Year-Old
What’s the best way to share books with your 1-year-old? Here are some tips thatcover 3 stages in your baby’s life: 12 to 14 months, 15 to 17 months, and 18 to 24 months.

Sharing Books With Your 2-Year-Old
What’s the best way to share books with your 2-year-old? Here are some tips thatcover 2 stages in your child’s life: 24 to 29 months and 30 to 35 months.

Sharing Books With Your Preschooler
What’s the best way to share books with your preschooler? Here are some tips that cover age 3 and age 4 of your child’s life.

Sharing Books With Your School-Age Child
What’s the best way to share books with your school-age child? Here are some tips that cover ages 5 and older of your child’s life.

The Secret to a Smarter Baby
How do you raise a smart baby? Talk to her, play with her, walk with her, sing to her, imitate sounds, cuddle her, read to her every day, and turn off the television and other electronic devices.

Why It Is Never Too Early To Read With Your Baby
Here are tips from doctors on reading with very young children, including the 5 Rs of early education.

AAP Publications

AAP - Publications Inventory
Each year CPP orders additional AAP publications for our practices. Over the years we have accumulated a library of resources that we would like to pass along to our members. Click the following link to view our inventory.

Adult Transition Resources

CATCH Comprehensive Adolescent/Adult Transitional Care Home Program
Ohio State's Comprehensive Adolescent/Adult Transitional Care Home (CATCH) Program aims to improve the lives of adolescents and young adults with chronic childhood medical conditions by providing specialized primary care and adult specialists for patients with chronic medical conditions originating in childhood.

IM-PEDS List by Geographic Area
Listing of IMPED Physicians by geographic area.

Transition Readiness Assessment for Parent or Caregiver
This assessment is for parents/caregivers to assess their child\'s knowledge about his/her healthcare and needs.

Transition Readiness Assessment for Patients
This questionnaire assesses the patients understanding of their healthcare needs and their ability to utilize health care services.

Youth Transition Plan Worksheet - for 15 year olds
This worksheet assesses a child's understanding of their health and independent living skills.

Youth Transition Plan Worksheet - for 12 year olds
This worksheet assesses a child's understanding of their health and independent living skills.

Planning for a Healthy Transition: A Family Transition Plan
This site has online resources for parents of children, youth, and young adults with special care needs. It helps parents learn how to assist their children in the transition from pediatric care to adult health providers.

Transition Checklist
Transition checklist for once an adult provider is selected.

American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report
AAP Article - Supporting the Health Care Transition From Adolescence to Adulthood in the Medical Home.

Got Transition Website
Got Transition aims to improve transition from pediatric to adult health care through the use of new and innovative strategies for health professionals and youth and families.

Sample Letter - Age Out Patients
A sample letter that can be used to alert parents and patients of the need to transition to an adult provider.

Sample Letter - College Bound Patients
A sample letter for college bound students.

Sample Letter - Becoming A Parent
A sample letter for patients that have become parents.

Behavioral Health Tools

PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire)
For the "Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care Tool Kit" go to website:

Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED)

ASQ Suicide Screening Tool
Suicide Risk Screening Tool from the NIMH Toolkit

ASQ Brief Suicide Safety Assessment
A brief suicide safety assessment for outpatient use from the NIMH toolkit.

Ohio Minds Matter
For information on:
Prescribing Psychotropic Medication Guidelines and Tools
Inattention, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity
Disruptive Behavior and Aggression
Moodiness and Irratibility
Learning Modules
Quick Learning Podcasts
Shared Decision-Making Toolkit

GLAD PC Toolkit
Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care (GLAD PC Toolkit)

AAP Mental Health Initiatives
Report from the American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Mental Health

County Mental Health Crisis Line Numbers
Franklin County and Surrounding County Mental Health Crisis line numbers.


Are you looking for reliable, up-to-date information about resources in the Columbus area for children and families? You’ve come to the right place! CAP4Kids will help you find many community agencies that exist to improve the lives of children and families. The website is updated weekly.

CME on Demand

CME on Demand
Please contact Kelly Hallberg by email at or by phone at (614) 355-0673 with any questions or concerns.

Coding Tools

Pediatric Coding Alert
Articles can now be searched by month, year, term, and code. Your login is

Username- cppmanagers
Password- cppmanagers

Ebola Resources

Ebola Poster

2014 Ebola Questions update as of 11/14/2014.

Physician Resources

Postive Screen Protocal

Home Health Organizations

Home Health Organizations
This chart lists local Home Health Organizations with contact information and services offered.

Literacy Resources

Books Lists
Did you know that reading to your child,even at a young age, helps your child do better in school and handle stressful situations more easily? The Columbus Metropolitan Library has teamed up with CAP4Kids to create a series of wonderful book lists for families on a wide range of topics. These books are all available at your local library. See the list below

Abuse and Complex Living Situations Books

Adoption Books

Bullying Books

Death & Grief Books

Divorce Books

Families Books

Foster Care Books

Healthy Eating Books

Moving Books

New Baby Books

Special Needs Books

Starting School Books

Toilet Training Books

MOC Projects

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Projects
NCH has a variety of MOC opportunities including asthma and obesity projects which have received positive reviews from the community pediatricians.

Claim MOC Credit for QI Work You're Already Doing
Information from the APP on small and large group QI Projects.

NCH Homecare Payor Participation List

Homecare Payor Participation List
The attached is a copy of the payor matrix for the "NCH Homecare Payor Participation List."

NCH Synagis Payor Participation List

Synagis Payor Participation List
The attached is a list of payor matrix for the "Synagis Payor Participation List."

Parent Education

Helping Hands
Helping Hands are educational materials for patients and families.

Community Education Class Letter
Letter outlining the process for CPP members to refer families to NCH community education classes

Community Education Class Prescription Form
Electronic prescription pad form for CPP members to refer parents to NCH community classes. Completed forms can be emailed to:

Pediatric Endocrinologist Fact Sheets
The American Academy of Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrine Society have collaborated to develop a series of patient education fact sheets on the following endocrine conditions:Permission to reproduce and provide to parents/patients for noncommercial, educational purposes granted with acknowledgement.

Comfort Hold Techniques
A Helping Hand Educational sheet that shows techniques for caregivers to use that will help their child feel safe while allowing the care provider to safely perform a procedure.

Pediatric Care Online

Access Pediatric Care Online from home
Please review this pdf that provides instructions on how to access your account from anywhere.

Pediatric Care Online
Turn to one convenient electronic resource for immediate expert help with virtually every primary care information need. Pediatric Care Online™ streamlines access to clear answers from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It provides the action-oriented information and recommendations you want, right at the point of care.

Purchase Vaccines


Sanofi Pasteur

Social Determinants of Health

WE CARE + with PHQ2 Survey
Comprehensive and customizeable social determinants of health screening tool.

Social Determinants of Health Patient Resources
Patient handout of resources available through Cap4Kids/Columbus. The categories correspond with the WE CARE + survey questions and link directly to the Cap4Kids/Columbus website.

Social Determinants of Health EMR Guide
Suggested documentation process for social determinants of health screening in your office.

Vaccine Information

Adolescent Immunization Scheduler

Booklet - Vaccine Safety and Your Child
Dr. Paul Offit's book for discussing vaccine safety with patient families, available through Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

CDC - Immunization Schedules

CDC - Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents

CDC The Pink Book - Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Vaccine Education Center

Childhood Immunization Scheduler

Immunization Action Coalition

Link Your Website to the CDC Immunization Schedules

Updated Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) Sheets

Second Opinion: How Can We Increase the HPV Vaccination Rate?
Article by Dr. Brady in which he shares some important information about safety and efficacy, as well as tips to increase compliance.

Vaccine Storage

AAP - Vaccine Storage & Handling Website

CDC - Guidelines on Vaccine Storage

Recommendations for Transporting Vaccines

Storage Tips in Case of a Natural Disaster

Vaccine Storage Equipment Recommendations

Vaccine Loss Emergency Response Worksheet

What to Do in Case of a Possible Vaccine Loss

Educational Grant Application
CPP Vaccine Storage Equipment Educational Program (VSEEP) Educational Grant Application. Please COMPLETE the highlighted sections and SUBMIT this application along with all applicable receipt copies.


Board of Pharmacy's Requirements in the State of Ohio

Improving Patient Care. Reducing Prescription Abuse.

Issuing a Valid Prescription
Board of Pharmacy's prescriptions requirements. For additional information go to TAKECHARGEOHIO website

CMS Physician Fee Schedule

CMS Physician Fee Schedule
This link takes you to the Physician Fee Schedule search on the site. You will need to click accept at the bottom of the page in order to use the search function.

Financial Tools

CDC - Vaccine Price List

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – PFS Relative Value (RVU) Files

Charge Rates for Medical Records
The following is the information from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) that specifies what hospitals and companies can charge for copying medical records.


Friends Business Source
Friends Business Source is now a proud partner of CPP (Children’s Practicing Pediatricians). Click to learn more.


Breach Prevention Tips
A comprehensive resource that outlines opportunities to protect PHI and prevent a breach.

HIPAA Privacy & Security Resources
Numerous resources tailored to assist practice managers with the multiple facets of HIPAA compliance.

ICD-10 Resources

AAP - ICD-10 Resources
AAP continues to update their website with new ICD-10 resources. Keep your eyes open for an ICD-10 Superbill to help in the transition from ICD-9, which the AAP is currently developing.

ICD-10 Resource Guide-Lisa Asbell
This 40 page guide will be used during the presentation on Dec. 5th & January 21st

ICD-10 Jan 21st- Onsite Seminar-Lisa Asbell
Lisa reviews many of the questions and concerns that you might have had while preparing for ICD-10 in your practices. Her approach is strategic focused with material that will emphasize office preparation and implementation. We encourage all of your staff to listen that will be involved in wanting to learn more about ICD-10. Lisa has prepared a 40 page work manual for offices, which would be valuable to review and print off prior during the video. The manual can be located on our local CPP website and should be printed off before you watch. The guide is located under Resources/ICD-10/ ICD-10 Manual.

ICD-10 Online Converter
If a provider pulls up a common diagnosis like Otits Media, Strep Pharyngitis, or even Bordetella Pertussis, you can print off the sheets and see the break down of the ICD-9 to the upcoming ICD-10 codes.

Top 20 Pediatric ICD-9 to ICD-10 Codes
A quick reference guide

NCH ICD-10 Video
A great general overview of ICD-10, the roles impacted, and how NCH is preparing for this major transition.

Road to 10: The Small Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10
A very user friendly resource developed by CM that has: common codes for your specialty, primer for clinical documentation, clinical scenarios, and training and education resources.

2015 LIVE ICD-10 CODING SEMINAR (Live Video)
Dr. Richard Tuck discusses the upcoming ICD10 transition and top ways to increase your bottom line.
September 2015

ICD-10 with Dr. Tuck

Dr. Richard Tuck discusses the upcoming ICD10 transition and top ways to increase your bottom line.
September 2015


Consent by Proxy for Nonurgent Pediatric Care
A Clinical report from the AAP that discusses guidelines for pediatricians on consent by proxy for underage patients.

Legal Issues Related to Consent, Custody and Abuse
The attached presentation reviews Parental Rights/Legal Challenges in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting.

Nurse Triage

After Hours Nurse Triage Services
This matrix lists three nurse triage services that are available for practices that are considering after hours on call support.

Office Tools

Automated Recall & Reminder Services
Please see attached matrix that lists and compares reminder and recall programs and services.

Preparedness Checklist for Pediatric Offices
Disaster can affect anyone and pediatricians need to be ready to provide care for their patients even when normal operations are disrupted. This checklist which was developed by the AAP can help pediatricians move their offices to a state of preparedness through a variety of practical steps.

NCH & eClinicalWorks Offer
Nationwide Children’s Hospital is pleased to announce that we have selected eClinicalWorks (eCW) EHR
and Practice Management system as their community-wide solution to improve continuity of care across
community practices in central Ohio.

OSHA Tools

CPP Webinar Overview of OSHA Compliance in Physician Practices
Due to your interest last summer in having CPP bring a consultant to discuss OSHA Training we are pleased to announce during our regularly scheduled office manager meeting on March 19, 2015 Kathleen Rooker of Columbus Healthcare and Safety Consultants will to conduct a ninety minute Webinar entitled “An Overview of OSHA Compliance in Physician Practices.”
Attached is the PowerPoint presentation for March 19, 2015 Webinar.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
Attached are three GHS documents.
• CHS Pictograms and their Corresponding Chemical Hazards
• OSHA Quick Card “Hazard Communication Standard Labels”
• OSHA Quick Card “Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets”

Practice Fitness

Practice Fitness: Incorporating Behavioral Health Into Your Practice; March 1, 2018
Please join us on Thursday, March 1st @ 5:30 p.m. for a free interactive session.

Topics will include:
Program Considerations: patient identification, workflow and infrastructure requirements
Successes: patient satisfaction, access to care
Challenges: insurance plans, scheduling, billing
Future plans

Register @

Practice Fitness Part 1: Patient Engagement: The Force Awakens
The presentation focuses on how pediatric practices are adapting their patient engagement strategies in response to changes in the healthcare industry and consumer driven health care.

Enter Password: ForceAwakens

Practice Fitness Part 2: Health Reform and Practice Transformation:The Phantom Menace
This presentation focuses on changes in Healthcare Reform and how practices can transform accordingly. To access to the recorded seminar, please use the following password:

Password: ThePhantomMenace

Professional Societies

American Academy of Pediatrics

Ohio Medical Group Management Association


AAP - A Practical Guide to Measuring, Improving Care in Your Practice
This article takes you through the steps for starting quality improvement projects in your practice.

Webinar - Transition to Value-Based Primary Care (Slides)

HEDIS Summary - Changes for 2013

Maintenance of Certification-Vaccines - AAP EQIPP

Maintenance of Certification-Vaccines - NCQA Protect

Webinar - Transition to Value-Based Primary Care (Video Replay)

Partners for Kids Quality Improvement Program
Partners for Kids (PFK) has developed a quality improvement (QI) program for primary care clinicians and their practices in the PFK service region. The program concentrates on key issues affecting children’s health and is tailored to participating practices, allowing physicians to choose from a list of areas of focus such as ADHD and asthma.
Participating practices will be supported on-site by a practice coach, a

RVU Tool

RVU 2014

Vendor List

CPP Vendor List