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ICD-10 Resources

AAP - ICD-10 Resources
AAP continues to update their website with new ICD-10 resources. Keep your eyes open for an ICD-10 Superbill to help in the transition from ICD-9, which the AAP is currently developing.

ICD-10 Resource Guide-Lisa Asbell
This 40 page guide will be used during the presentation on Dec. 5th & January 21st

ICD-10 Jan 21st- Onsite Seminar-Lisa Asbell
Lisa reviews many of the questions and concerns that you might have had while preparing for ICD-10 in your practices. Her approach is strategic focused with material that will emphasize office preparation and implementation. We encourage all of your staff to listen that will be involved in wanting to learn more about ICD-10. Lisa has prepared a 40 page work manual for offices, which would be valuable to review and print off prior during the video. The manual can be located on our local CPP website and should be printed off before you watch. The guide is located under Resources/ICD-10/ ICD-10 Manual.

ICD-10 Online Converter
If a provider pulls up a common diagnosis like Otits Media, Strep Pharyngitis, or even Bordetella Pertussis, you can print off the sheets and see the break down of the ICD-9 to the upcoming ICD-10 codes.

Top 20 Pediatric ICD-9 to ICD-10 Codes
A quick reference guide

NCH ICD-10 Video
A great general overview of ICD-10, the roles impacted, and how NCH is preparing for this major transition.

Road to 10: The Small Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10
A very user friendly resource developed by CM that has: common codes for your specialty, primer for clinical documentation, clinical scenarios, and training and education resources.

2015 LIVE ICD-10 CODING SEMINAR (Live Video)
Dr. Richard Tuck discusses the upcoming ICD10 transition and top ways to increase your bottom line.
September 2015